Feedinfo News Service, the world’s leading provider of essential Business and Scientific information, featured XVET new corporate Image in their latest Newsletter with an interview with our Marketing Manager Diana Neto. Please see below full article.

"23 May 2017 - The 2017 edition of VIV Asia in Bangkok was very special for XVET GmbH, a German provider of innovative non-medicated feed additives. It marked the launch of a completely renovated corporate image. From “Additives for winners” to “Care today for a better tomorrow”, the Hamburg-based company with proven experience in about 40 countries worldwide is now shifting gears to a more socially responsible approach.

Diana Neto, Marketing and Human Resources Manager, told Feedinfo News Service that XVET realized that after 15 years of business growth it was the right time to re-think the company’s image and positioning in the market.

“This was more than an aesthetical change”, she commented. “’Additives for winners’ was our slogan and it was perfect while we were growing to become recognized as a valuable player in the industry, suppling winning formulas for winning companies that share our view of high quality products. Today we are well established and have proven results worldwide therefore we wanted the new positioning ‘Care today for a better tomorrow’ to better reflect our values, sharing our vision of contributing to a safe and sustainable agriculture improving the health of both animals and humans”.

Let’s rewind a bit. XVET was established in Hamburg in 2002. Over the years, the company secured its GMP+ certificate and progressively grew its outreach. Today the company boasts exports of feed and drinking water additives to about 40 countries in 4 continents. According to XVET, its range of non-medicated feed additive products has grown alongside its scientists’ know-how of feeding the main animal species such as ruminants, swine and poultry at all stages of their lives.

XVET benefits from its location. Indeed, Germany is one of the pioneering nations when it comes to optimal feed additive usage and tends to always be one of the first countries to comply always the EU feed law requirements. Also the awareness of German consumers drives the industry to implement the highest standards in terms of quality and control mechanisms and also sustainability is viewed as a major milestone. In this context Germany is one of the markets with the most demand for non-medicated feed additives.

XVET’s best-selling products today are Aromax, a liquid essential oil solution to alleviate respiratory symptoms in animals and Turbo Tox, an inactive yeast, MOS, diatomaceous earth and organic acid combination to enhance performance.

“Both can be seen as natural alternatives to antibiotics and are the key start products supporting our slogan ‘Care today for a better tomorrow’”, Ms. Neto said. “We closely follow and listen to our clients exhaustively to be able to understand the local problems, and we can project all this information in our internal know-how. Recognition of their own problems in the field and weaknesses gives us the option to be able to advise our distributors in specific ways”.

“We at XVET are able to present an entire control program throughout all cycles of life in all animal species. Starting from day old or birth, until production or slaughter all phases are under control to build up the invisible shield against disease-causing agents, or promote growth in general”, she added.

By exhibiting at VIV Asia 2017, XVET is a strong believer that Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia is in a better position now to fully understand ‘Care today for a better tomorrow’ and put the science into practice.

“This edition of VIV Asia had a special feeling for us”, Ms. Neto said. “It was an important event for the industry and we saw it necessary to be present to not only support our customers in the region and be there for them, but also to look for opportunities in new markets that have not been explored yet”.

When asked what is required for a European non-medicated feed additive company to impose its presence in Thailand and in other Southeast Asian markets, XVET argues that success in this field depends on multiple factors, and only when all factors are achieved one can define oneself as successful.

Though Ms. Neto did not provide financial specifics on XVET’s growth in these markets, she did stress that success in this region is dependent on three criteria.

Firstly, know-how. “Being able to read the needs in the field and finding the most appropriate solutions are crucial factors to be able to start offering a useful product”, she argued. “To apply the latest developments and also being led by the EU feed law, allowed XVET to study the most suitable and reliable compositions. Besides standard products, our tailor-made solutions have made us noticeable among others”. 

Then there is quality. “Ensuring effectiveness and return on investment at farm level, either by using a liquid product or a powder product via the feed, is another factor that is required to cement reputation and brand recognition. Being certified by major programs such as GMP+, and depending on the highest quality raw materials is a great added value for XVET”, Ms. Neto added.

And finally, speed. The Southeast Asian market is dynamic and fast. XVET knows that quick response to clients, quick processing of orders and quick delivery are crucial in a market that mainly depends on liquidity and financial flow."

INSIGHT: Brand Recognition in Southeast Asian Non-Medicated Additive Market – XVET Germany
Source: Feedinfo News Service 
(dated 23/05/2017)