Nowadays birds are more developed (faster growth and more production meat/ egg per year) from the time human started domestication. Modern birds with high susceptibility would need appropriate nutrients and physiological/ environmental conditions to reach their maximum genetic potential. In poultry farming, feed efficiency is a major variable affecting expenses. Feed efficiency is directly related to very important factors such as ingredients sources, quality and pureness. Thus, by preparing feed considering above factors, from reliable sources farming cost would be more economical. Flocks are more susceptible to lack of beneficial minerals in some situations, such as transportation, peak of production, mycotoxin contamination, intensive vaccination periods, and during the course of diseases. Hence, adequate amount of minerals such as Ca, P and Vitamin D3 must be provided for the flock to still ensure proper development of bones and the skeletal system in general. Robust bone structure, less fatigue and high-quality eggshell would lead to a healthy productive bird and would prevent economic losses under stress situations.It is very important to keep the sufficient amount of minerals in skeleton to get rid of many physiological disorders. A healthy robust bone structure is approximately consisting of 70 percent minerals. Calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) are the two most abundant macro minerals respectively which are required for bone formation, proper performance, growth, and production of poultry. To reach the adequate Ca and P metabolism for broilers and breeders, sufficient parathyroid hormone (PTH), vitamin D3 and Ca/ P ratio is necessary. The modern poultry industry could cause stress which would lead to lack of uniformity in flocks. Loss of uniformity could cause many disadvantages for flock especially in broilers. Birds would receive less equal food and water. Thus, unsuccessful vaccination, less immunity, bone weakness, deformity, breakage, infection, osteoporosis-related mortality and higher economic loss would happen. Overall, low bone quality is very important economical obstacle in broiler industry. 

Please see Graphic A in the picture above. 

25-40 percent of the calcium in the eggshell, is provided by skeleton. The good quality egg shell is providing protection against physical damages and also minimizing micro-organism penetration, which would lead to better hatchability rates. Crystalline layer of eggshell consists of about 90 percent calcium carbonate. Layers and breeders in peak of production have higher Ca, P and Vitamin D3 requirements. Lack of these minerals may cause difficulties in flock such as cage fatigue, uterus prolapse, breast blisters, leg problems and thinner eggshell.

Vitamin D3 is necessary for absorbing available Ca and P in feed through intestine. In a healthy liver, absorbed Vitamin D3 which is cholecalciferol will change to 25-OH D3.  Afterwards, a healthy Kidney convert it to the most active hormonal compound vitamin D3. Presence of this active form of Vitamin D3 (1,25-(OH)2 D3) is vital to increase calcium and phosphorus absorption. Thus, combination of Vitamin D3, Ca and Phosphorus has important function in mineralization, skeletal growth and egg quality of poultry.

Cal D Phos is a professional supplement with balanced (2/1) source of calcium, phosphorous and pure Vitamin D3 helping flocks to have a proper bone formation, healthy growth, egg production and shell quality. It is liquid formulation and it will absorb quite fast because of the bioavailability.

Graphic B above is comparing the positive effect of Cal D Phos and control group (less prolapse related mortality and broken eggs (%)), studied in Peru.

Control has higher mortality and broken eggs. 

Graphic C above is representing the positive effect of Cal D Phos on eggshell thickness of two different poultry breeds (Lohmann and Hyline), studied in South Korea.

Cal D Phos is professionally helping poultry flocks to achieve:

·         Stronger bone structure

·         Less cage fatigues

·         Less cannibalism

·         Higher eggshell quality

·         Higher hatchability

·         Higher performance

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