Respiratory system is a process specific organ to facilitate efficient exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in all animals. Avian species have a sophisticated respiratory system compared to mammals. They do not have a diaphragm; instead, air is moving in and out through pressure changes through the air sacs. They have between 7 to 9 air sacs depending on species. Air sacs are connected to lungs and extend to many bones and there is continuous unidirectional air flow. Thus, there is higher respiratory related health problems in comparison with other livestock species. Some of the most important functions of avian respiratory system are:

·         Exchanging CO2 and O2

·         Thermoregulation

·         Detoxification of certain chemicals

·         Rapid adjustments of acid-base balance

·         Local immunity through mucosa and goblet cells

A healthy respiratory system is beneficial for flock under stress situations (ventilation issues, vaccination reactions, viral or bacterial diseases, and also oxidative damages through accumulation of free radicals). Any type of viral, bacterial, protozoal conditions or some metabolic or nutritional deficiencies may cause oxidative damage which affects immunity in general and could furthermore cause irreversible tissue damage. This may make animals susceptible for economic losses. Thus, adequate amount of Oxygen through a healthy respiratory system is vital and also, supportive under stress situations.

The EU restriction on antibiotic usage due to antibiotic resistance have motivated scientists and animal health industry to promote an alternative, eco-friendly, economical, but yet efficient way to combat difficulties in a proper way. One of the main solutions to the combatting stress situations, is Essential oils (Eos).

Eos produced by selected plants, contain mainly the phenolic active fraction of the plant, and have particular beneficial effects such as:

·         Exerting antioxidative properties and reinforcing animal’s immune status

·         Immune modulation through tissue integrity

·         Expectorant, anti-tussive, anti-itching and relaxing airways

·         Antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant and appetizing

·         Helping to increase villi length, density and mucus production

·         Stimulating digestive secretion, and enzyme activity

·         Helping to decrease pathogenic pressure in gut

XVET GmbH has been supporting poultry farms with the unique phytogenic product, Aromax®. This product has synergic and balanced essential oil including Eucalyptus oil, Thyme oil and Mint oil. Moreover, L-Menthol in pure form has been added to the formula to boost the benefits in cases of respiratory problems. Eucalyptus oil is Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, bronchodilator, refreshing and antimicrobial. Thyme oil is Anti-fungal and it is relaxing air passage. Also, it favors feed intake and Improvs FCR/ weight gain. Mint oil and L-Menthol is Anti-inflammatory, anti-tussive and it is appetizer. Aromax® usage has many benefits such as:

·         Enhancing respiratory system

·         Quickly relieving after vaccinations alleviating reactions.

·         Supporting against oxidative stress

·         Helping to lower transient pathogen pressure

·         Helping on carcass quality through better respiration in the last week

·         Enhancing food intake and regulating digestion, also in the course of viral and bacterial diseases.

In severe conditions, in addition to the drinking water application, spray usage of Aromax® also helps to improve the climate condition in farms specially at higher density, dusty air flow and under other relevant stress.

Aromax® formula is rich and concentrated, and effective at very low administration dosages, making it cost effective product through low cost per animal.          

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