Botanical solution to hepatic problems 

The liver is one of the most important organs of livestock which is involved in many different functions. It is a very busy organ and acts as the engine of the entire body. Many vital functions could not work properly if the liver is not healthy.

Helping bile production (Fat metabolism), ketone body formation, detoxification, manufacturing plasma proteins, synthesing/ storing carbohydrate as glycogen (Carbohydrate metabolism) and maintaining blood glucose concentration which is used for energy, are just some of the main liver functions. Furthermore, a healthy liver is also helping to breakdown ingested food and converting it into body protein (protein metabolism) by catabolizing extra amino acids. Plasma proteins like albumin and fibrinogen are formed in liver. Liver is important organ for Vitamin metabolism such as oil soluble vitamins A, D3, E, and K, which are involved in many important factors in poultry. Liver can store Vitamin A to protect the animal from long periods of dietary scarcity. Also, Vitamin B1, B2 and Niacin are metabolized and stored in the liver. Vitamin K is utilized in the liver for the formation of prothrombin, which is required for clotting of blood in haemorrhages. Vitamin E is also handled in the liver for optimum antioxidant actvity. To sum up, liver should be kept in optimum working conditions at all time which will certainly help to ensure a healthy animal with proper growth and performance.

This special organ (Liver) needs special care.We as XVET have been supporting flocks by a smart liver enhancer, Metavolin Herbal®.Metavolin Herbal is the botanical liver protector including synergy of high quality ingredients stimulating liver functions, and supporting animal under stress situations. It is available in liquid and powder form. Liquid formula is very beneficial for poultry, as when the flock has a hepatic disorder, there will be less interest to take food, but they would still drink. Tus, Metavolin Herbal® in drinking water will help to detoxify and boost the liver activity.

The special phytogenics in Metavolin Herbal®, such as artichoke, ginger extract, as well as other important hepatic factors, act together synergically for optimum benefits in a fast and effective way. These ingredients have systemic antioxidant activities, which protects hepatic cells from toxins. Therefore, it could be nutraceutical factor for reducing liver fibrosis and at the same time act as liver enhancer. Metavolin Herbal® also counts with diverse functional ingredients, which are specialized for enhancing hepatic functions, and aw well act as energy providers. Other benefits of using Metavolin Herbal® are growth promotion, increasing feed intake, and improving animal performance. Metavolin Herbal will help to enhance any zootechnical data that is related with the fat and protein metabolism, including weight gain, better immunity, better milk/egg/carcass yield and survival. It is recommended to use the product in flocks with less growth rate and fatty liver syndromes.The synergy of Metavolin Herbal® ingredients could quickly recover liver and protect it for long time.

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