Renal Cleaner, fast-acting care for kidneys.

Renal system is involved in a wide range of essential functions. They are the main excretory system meaning filtering waste from blood. Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) involve the loss of functional renal tissue, and often start subclinical before they become clinically apparent. Inefficient kidneys, and high protein diets will produce large quantities of uric acid in poultry. Accumulated urate deposits may lead to damage of kidney cells and therefore causing nephritis. Also, it may cause visceral gout. Renal lesions are among the most commonly diagnosed causes of mortality in poultry. Kidney disorder may be associated with multiple etiologies such as contaminated feed with mycotoxin, high dietary calcium, low dietary phosphorous, dehydration, intensive antibiotic treatments and nephropathogenic IBV.

Decreasing health performance, higher mortality, irregular pH and fluid exchange, muscle atrophy and kidneys atrophy/ hypertrophy are main side effects of having unhealthy renal system. This important organ needs a special care. Quick recovery is most important in acute cases, as the consequences may be very damaging.

We as XVET have been supporting flocks by a fast-acting renal enhancer, Renal Cleaner®.


Renal Cleaner® is designed to help animals coping with negative consequences of kidney disorders.  Renal Cleaner® has synergy of balanced combination of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. It concludes fast absorbable energy sources like sorbitol which are stimulating renal functions, and supporting animal under stress situations such as mycotoxin contamination.

Essential electrolytes together help to keep a balanced osmotic activity and support acid-base regulation. Sorbitol is converted into glucose or fructose in the animal body and stored as glycogen in the liver. Renal Cleaner® has a natural sweetener which increases the appetite to drinking water and therefore helping to relieve dehydration.

These balanced ingredients will boost the renal activity of the flock and health performance in general. Renal Cleaner® can be used under high protein diet, salty water, in case of nephropatogenic virus, urolithiasis, infectious bronchitis, mycotoxin risk and after antibiotics use.

Renal Cleaner® is a fast-acting kidney agent to quickly recover renal system, and prevent economic losses that may be caused as a consequence. The results may be seen as early as 2-3 days.

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