Vital Bee, Higher brooding, and livability

Healthy and productive bee colonies are the success of beekeeping industry. Honey bees consume pollen and nectar from a variety of flowers to produce honey. Pollen is natural protein and vitamin sources which are necessary for brood rearing, colony health, adult population growth and production of royal jelly. Honey bees require specific amino acids and vitamins for normal growth, development, reproduction and brood rearing which could be received from a diet. Amino acids and vitamins are the most important supplements influencing population development. Thus, the rich supplemental feed is vital for beekeepers. This fact is bolder in case of natural forage deficiency (pollen) which is appearing in many regions. Artificial high-amino acid and vitamin diets could simulate the natural supplements which are necessary for honey bees diet.

Are you a beekeeper? Vital Bee is XVETs bee  expert supporting your bee colonies!

Vital Bee is a high efficacy product which is comparable with pollen. It is a rich combination of highly bioavailable Vitamins and Amino acids which is crucial especially in case of lack of pollen and nectar.

It supplements highly digestible protein with balanced essential amino acids and vitamins that provides energy for bees in production. The aroma and taste of Vital Bee are attractive for bees, supporting the intake, it can be used directly or mixed with sugar syrup. Vital Bee is optimizing general health.

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