Salih Gündüz
Managing Director

BSc Industrial Engineer, MSc Business Administration and Marketing

Group organization and settlement of infrastructure for the future. Building up long term bridges with flexible, reliable, consistent management to our partners worldwide.
Languages: English, Turkish

Axel Jarchow
Executive Director

Master of Business Administration

Responsible for all commercial activities as well as the management of the day-to-day business operations, incl. the Sales, Technical and Marketing Team to deliver the best service to our partners world-wide.
Languages: English, German

Claudia Gündüz
Administration and Finance

Polytecnic degree in design

Overviews all administrative issues concerned with your goods, orders and documents. Support to the registration and label department.
Languages: English, German

Shayan Rahimian
Technical Sales

MSc and PhD in Agricultural Sciences

Experienced in livestock management and scientific research as a perfect combination to meet technical and sales related demands.
Languages: English, Parsi, German

Gerzon Motola
Technical Sales

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science

With experience in the field as well as at scientific background, supporting world wide inquiries of XVETs products.
Languages: English, German, Spanish

Maria Belén Mascó
Export and Logistics

Bachelor of trade and commerce

Experienced counterpart at logistic and export department. Ensures that the shipping process happens fast and smoothly, the necessary documentation is provided, and your goods are delivered safe and sound.
Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian

Yusuf Şafak Bayram
IT Management

Bachelor of Science: Chemical Engineer

Builds up technological bridges between XVET, clients and suppliers.
Languages: English, Turkish, German

Reysi Rodikli Levi
Marketing and Office Assistant

Bachelor of Arts in Media and Visual Arts

Supporting the design and execution of marketing and communication activities, while ensuring that all office related work runs smoothly.
Languages: English, Turkish, German

Enver Can Kabaran
Assistant to Logistics

Runs behind all types of general industry-related errands with positive energy and right hand of marketing projects.
Languages: English, German, Turkish