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Arrival to farm

Farm Challenges

Digestive Integrity Solutions
Carefully prepared infeed formulations to promote an ideal gut health and multiplication of beneficial flora

  • First line of defense against the intrusion of enteric pathogens (Fagarasan, 2006)
  • Could act as a replacement for antimicrobial growth promoters in broilers (The Journal of Applied Poultry Research 15(2) · June 2006) 
  • Bac. subtilis have been shown to eliminate the colonizing of several pathogenic bacteria in the gut (Jack et al., 1995; Teo & Tan, 2007)

100gr sachets, 1kg alu bags, 10kg and 25kg Craft bags

Early Care
Bone growth and development and immunity boost for a strong start. During the pre-starter period to provide quick source of energy, electrolytes and probiotics
Globimax M
  • Supports body's own resistance
  • Protection against digestive risks
  • In the first week improves weight gain and livability

2.5 kg buckets
10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Lactolyte Energy
  • Quick replenishment of electrolytes and energy
  • Protection of gut health
  • Support under stress conditions
100 g, 250 g and 500 g sachets
1 kg and 20 kg alu bags
1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg buckets

  •     Protection right after farrowing
  •     Supplies quick energy to piglets
  •     Quick start to sucking
  •     Recover quickly from stress of birth
  •     Moving towards to mother quicker
250 ml and 500 ml bottle
with special applicator