XVET GmbH is a GMP+ certified company, aware that animal health and feed industry is one of the key points in the chain of safe food for humans. Latest developments in science and factual findings have led to the need of standardization of safety of feed stuff and of all critical control points that are considered in the chain. The safety of raw material, responsible use of ingredients, control, and management of pathogen resistance are being exhaustively regulated by German authorities and the European Union feed regulations. Additionally we as XVET have implemented all requirements of GMP+, and related feed safety assurance factors.

  • From traceability of orders, to any kind of post-delivery services;
  • From healthy, and open communication with our partners, to suitable label indications;

Every step of the supply chain is controlled and recorded. Thus with the added value of our GMP+ certification, XVET is glad to be a part of “safe feed for safe food”, “from farm-to-fork”.

XVET is regularly controlled by the competent certification authorities.

In 2002 the export office for international sales has been established in Hamburg and we are today exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide over 4 continents.