Non-Antibiotic Growth Promoters (NAGPs) are the tool to fight antimicrobial resistance. A concern for antibiotic-resistant organisms in Humans as a result of the overuse of Antibiotics in livestock has been increasing especially because the antibiotic treatments can have a direct effect on human health. Following our mission to contribute to a safe and sustainable agriculture and improve the health of both animals and human we want to highlight our ideology and NAGP product range so that together we can create a better tomorrow. Learn more about our NAGP Approach.

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A healthy animal is a productive animal, central key point for a successful enterprise. This product line provides optimized solutions to overcome challenges of the field and promote healthy status of farm animals. Our focus is on pin-point applications aimed at specific timeframes for which a specialized approach is required.

This product group aims at the infeed control of the most relevant concerns for feed hygiene, and promotion of higher performance. These are the basic concepts to guarantee that feed delivered to the animals is economical and profitable on one side, but also free from major contamination sources. This allows animals to fully exploit the nutritional properties of feed and to fulfill their productive potential at the most.

Nutritional support and enhancement of animal performance, beginning from a strong starting period, proper growth and development until the final stages of rearing. This product line focuses on the support of growth and productive performance during the different steps of production. Proper nutrition is a precise selection and fine tuning of many different ingredients. This delicate process is a complex task and therefore in many cases animal feed needs proper supplementation.

Feed Safety

The safety of raw material, responsible use of ingredients, control, and management of pathogen resistance is being exhaustively regulated by German authorities and the European Union feed regulations.
Additionally we as XVET have implemented all requirements of GMP+ and related feed safety assurance basis such as “safe feed for safe food”, and “from farm-to-fork”.

Global XVET

Today more than 60 products of the XVET product range are welcomed in four continents in over 60 countries. We participate in international exhibitions and travel around the world to support our clients technically and commercially. From order processing to delivery we offer optimum logistic solutions for quick and safe delivery. This global presence is our main motivation to growing together with our valuable partners.

XVET technical

The XVET Quality Management System was developed to allow us to document all company processes, guarantee feed safety, satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and to continually improve quality through its implementation and review. As part of our commitment to support animal health and feed safety as the two key pillars in the chain of safe food for humans, we are proud holders of the GMP+ Certificate awarded to us by TÜV.