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Science in the Field

XVET Science in the Field

XVET Science in the Field is a compilation of results obtained from in field applications of XVET products. It covers diverse reports from field involving various products across different species. We explain what is the rationale behind the experimentation, the methodologies employed, and the resultant outcomes.

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It goes without saying that quality from XVET is always supreme, whose liquid products are easily soluble in water without shaking and other movement, and proven to be over 90% body absorbent. All of those features make XVET very unique one.

Jeff Yang

One of the largest buyers of calves on the Lithuanian market has started using Globiotic for all calves as soon as they arrive in the common barns. By using the product in this way calves have less diarrhea, have better appetite and looks like more active.

Ms. Jovita Lionikiene

We saw a particularly good effect in turkey farms: Turkeys are birds with very weak immunity in the first days of life – after the administration of the combination of Turbo Fluid and Probiodrink, it reduced the mortality considerably by 80%.

Dr. Maxim Godniuc

After a long term usage during last year in layer pullet farms and in layer farms, free-range type, we observed improvement in the growth rate, higher egg mass and profound improvement in health problems like subclinical coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis. The dosage we used was 1 ml/per L of drinking water for a week, once every month.

Vasileios Kompoulis

XVET’s Cal & Phos application by Dosatron pump achieved the success of increasing stable egg production. The used dosage of Cal & Phos was 1 ml per liter, and we administer the product between 3 to 5 days per month. The stability of the eggs was measured by enhancement on eggshell quality, cohesion internal components of the eggs, and egg content quality.

Dr. Mahmoud M. Amayreh

Cal D Phos helps our customers dealt with lameness in broilers, especially big male broilers, and returned satisfaction outcome which is cutting the lameness culling by half.

Pathawit Ngamcharoen

Vital Bee application for Honey Bee production is very satisfactory in different farms. Productivity increased at least 30-40%.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

This year, our company began distribution of XVET products in Uzbekistan. OregoPLus and Turbo Grow show excellent results in poultry farms. Most poultry farms are already included this products in poultry feeding ration permanently.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Our customers have used Renal Cleaner and Garvit Pro in Broilers after using antibiotic or in case of kidney failure. The kidney reduced swelling after 3-4 days using and the amount of feed intake is increase.

Nguyen Tien Dung
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Care Today for a Better Tomorrow

Care Today for a Better Tomorrow

Each year an increasing amount of people are affected by antimicrobial resistance. The escalating toll worldwide creates an increasing pressure on the health concerns of both developed and developing nations. This problem doesn’t only affect animal health, it also concerns consumer health.

In order to make a change, action at every level of the chain is needed. In XVET we are concerned about the future of the environment and the health of next generations. We work to offer an alternative and responsible solutions which contribute to a safe and sustainable agriculture and improve the health of both animals and humans.

Ultimately we want to invite you to be part of this vision to provide a safer future through safe food for a better tomorrow.

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