XVET has been exporting animal feed products successfully since 2002. Today more than 60 products of the XVET product range are welcomed in over 50 countries worldwide. Products are developed and constantly improved with the know-how from scientists and our clients’ feedback. The most valuable input for us is coming from our clients worldwide, we evaluate their requests to provide them with the most suitable solutions. All around the world farmers using XVET products are the witnesses of the application results and their testimonials are the most important source of our motivation. The XVET product range is developed considering the expectations of highest-end integrators, but as practical and economical for the small scale farmers.

XVET key success parameters are

  • We apply the highest attention on quality, safety, and freshness of our products.
  • We provide information precisely and on time.
  • We are transparent, honest and flexible.
  • We are an international team used to deal with different cultures and believes. We are open-minded and treat our clients from all over the world with courtesy and respect.