What are the benefits of AEO status?

  •  AEO's will be recognised worldwide as safe, secure and compliant business partners in international trade
  •  If physical controls are to be conducted AEO's will be given priority treatment
  •  Mutual recognition of AEO programmes under Joint Customs Co-operation Agreements could result in faster movement of their goods through third country borders
  •  Reduced data sets for entry and exit summary declarations – only for AEO safety and security
  •  AEO's will be in a stronger position to benefit from simplified procedures
  •  AEO's may not be required to provide financial security for some Customs procedures, e.g. Inward Processing or Customs Warehousing
  •  AEO's may find it easier to qualify for a transit guarantee waiver as gaining AEO status fulfils some of the conditions required to receive a guarantee waiver

As a consequence of increasing their safety and security standards, traders may also benefit from the following:

  •  Reduced theft and losses
  •  Fewer delayed shipments
  •  Improved planning
  •  Reduced security and safety incidents
  •  Reduced crime and vandalism
  •  Improved security and communication between supply chain partners