Competitive exclusion is a vital alternative to antibiotics in modern poultry production. With the industry booming to meet population demands, maintaining poultry health amid stress and pathogens is crucial. Disease outbreaks have severe economic consequences, emphasizing the need for effective prevention. Due to antibiotic limitations and regulations, the industry is turning to growth-promoting alternatives.

Competitive Exclusion in Poultry Farming, Probiotics, Disease Prevention, Pathogen Control

Competitive exclusion, introducing probiotics to the poultry gut, is promising. Originally for Salmonella control, it now fights various pathogens like E. coli and Campylobacter. CE fosters a healthier gut microbiome, enhancing bird defenses against infections. Extensive studies confirm CE’s efficacy in pathogen control and improving growth, aligning with sustainable farming trends, offering a safe, residue-free solution to disease management, and enhancing productivity and profitability.

Boosting Production and Animal Performance with Probiotic Formulations

Probiodrink is a water-soluble powder supporting chick resilience in early life stages, combating stressors like hatching and transportation. It features Bacillus Velezensis probiotics for digestion, energy, and electrolytes, providing essential nutrients from day 1 through production. Benefits include enhanced performance, a balanced gut microbiome, quick energy, and chick rehydration.

Bacflora BR is a powder blend promoting animal performance through gut health enhancement. Combining an effective probiotic with prebiotics from yeast and chicory synergistically boosts performance and fights harmful gut microorganisms. With organic acids and acid salts for digestion improvement and antimicrobial effects, it enhances feed intake and gut health. Benefits include improved performance, healthy gut flora maintenance, growth promoter alternative, and hepatic support.

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