Chickens experiencing fever and inflammation often display decreased feed intake, resulting in slower growth rates and diminished overall performance. These health issues contribute to heightened stress levels in poultry, compromising immune function and increasing vulnerability to secondary infections. The economic consequences encompass treatment and veterinary expenses, diminished feed efficiency, and potential long-term health challenges that impact the profitability of the poultry flock. In addition, inflammation can detrimentally affect reproductive performance in hens, leading to challenges such as reduced fertility and hatchling numbers.

Ensuring the well-being of poultry goes beyond implementing biosecurity measures and proper vaccination. The housing conditions of poultry play a pivotal role in mitigating stress that may lead to fever and inflammation. Furthermore, ensuring the well-being of birds involves supplying a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients to bolster both their immune system and overall health. Additionally, it is advisable to incorporate additives that possess anti-inflammatory properties, harnessing the potent properties of botanicals that serve as an exceptional approach to addressing inflammation and fever, offering unparalleled support to the overall well-being of the chicken.

Proactive Management Strategies for Improving FCR

To address elevated body temperatures and inflammation in poultry production, natural botanicals can be used to support birds during specific stress situations. Some botanicals act at specific points in the inflammatory cascade (1), such as during infections, after vaccination, during high ambient temperatures leading to dehydration, and during key events in the production cycle such as feed changes, rehousing or transport. Combining different anti-inflammatory properties can have a synergistic effect, increasing the overall anti-inflammatory effect and supporting poultry during periods of high body temperature and inflammation.

Consideration of animal welfare is critical for consistent performance. XVET’s experience suggests that a blend of specific herbal extracts can be effective. Formulations that include various components supporting overall immune system function, including analgesic and mild analgesic properties, contribute to the overall well-being of the poultry.

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