1. Website content and  information

The information in this web site is to the best of our knowledge but all instructions and recommendations are made without guarantee and local conditions of every part of the world may require different applications, administrations or dosages.
We make every effort to ensure that the content offered in this website is up-to-date, accurate and complete. However we cannot guarantee that local or occasional errors may occur. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for correctness, completeness or quality and for the topicality of the offered information. Liability claims related to damages of material or other types, caused by the use of the information presented, or through the use of incorrect or incomplete information, respectively, are generally excluded, unless the errors were assumed purposely or through wanton negligence.

We formally reserve the right to change, add, delete or discontinue the parts of web site partly or completely, of parts of the website or the total pages without prior notice.

Dosages or administration and applications of products may vary from country to country and in our web site those administrations, applications and dosages are made considering out of European Union markets (export markets). German laws or EC laws may apply some certain restrictions on the dosages and applications or contents, ingredients of the products. However those aspects are made according to the export markets.

According to the judgement of 12 May 2005 the LG Hamburg decided that through the output of a direct or indirect link to foreign websites the contents of the linked sites are also covered. However, this liability may be avoided by specific exclusion, according to the LG decision.

We formally explain that at the time of setting the links, the linked pages in question were free of illegal contents. We have no influence on the current and future design, contents or the authorship of linked sites. Therefore we formally dissociate XVET from all contents of sites linked from our website. This disclaimer applies for all links as well as external inscriptions within our website, arranged by us and used as guest books, discussion forums, mailing lists and other interactive website content which can be filled with information by the users of our website. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages arising from the use or abuse of information offered, only the provider of the linked site is responsible.

3. Protection of data

In cases where there is the possibility to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, name, addresses etc.) within our website, the publication of these data on the part of the users is formally effected on a voluntary basis. We categorically confirm that we will in no way forward the data to a third party.

4. Registration rights and Copy rights

All content within the website that is mentioned and protected by third party brand and trade marks is unrestricted, subject to the regulations and restriction of the respectively valid registration and property rights of the inscribed owner of such brand and trade marks. The copyright for our published information and data generated in-house remain in our hands as the author of these data. Name similarities of products with possible other similar products on the market is out of our knowledge and may have happened by chance.
Any duplication or usage of our, advertise work, graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in any other electronic or printed publications is not allowed.
Photos used in this webpage are purchased from www.istock.com. Those photos are prohibited to copy without a legal permission from copy right owner istock.com.

This disclaimer is a part of our website. In the case that individual formulations or parts of this text do not correspond completely or no longer comply with the applicable legal position, the residual parts of this explanation remain unaffected.

No personal information will be collected through our website without your agreement. We may only communicate by you in general terms, to answer your questions. We do not sell your personal data to third parties, exploit it in any other way.

XVET GmbH expects all parents and individuals with legal parental responsibility to explain children to the safe and responsible handling of Internet. Parents should tell the children that they should not communicate any personal data to our website without the agreement of the parents or the individuals with legal parental responsibility. XVET GmbH does not knowingly collect the personal data of children or use it in any way. XVET GmbH takes extreme care not to appeal to children in a targeted way with the design of its website and the products presented there.

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