Innovet Corporation Co., Ltd / Thailand experienced a great interest as distributor of XVET products such as 42 Degree® in the Thai market. The study ( Coping with drawback period by using 42 Degree® in nursery pigs: its effect on growth performance) was the successful scientific collaboration between XVET GmbH, Innovet and Mahidol University in Thailand. Prof. Dr. Kampon Kaeoket from Mahidol University successfully discussed the result of the mentioned study at the Asian Pig Veterinary Society 2019 (APVS 2019), Seoul, South Korea at the first day of the conference. The poster of this study was also presented to the interested audience. Prof. Kampon, led the presentations’ discussions with insightful information about minimizing the drawback period in nursery pigs by 42 Degree® and the effect of the minimized drawback on growth performance, pro inflammatory cytokines and anti-pyretic effect in nursery pigs.

The key results of 42 Degree® is promoting the growth performance during the drawback period and minimizing the negative effect of serum pro-inflammatory cytokines such as PGE2 and IL-6. The average daily gain was significantly higher in 42 Degree® group in comparison with the control groups. In day 43, 77.17 gr more body weight per day In day 56, 13.27 gr more body weight per day In day 71, 133.93 gr more body weight per day IL-6 level in serum was higher in control groups in comparison with the 42 Degree® group. At day 28, 43, 56 and 71 the 42 Degree® group had 2152, 1438.75, 2860.5 and 112.75 pg/ml less IL-6 in serum.

PGE2 level was 4.67 (pg/ ml) lower in 42 Degree® group at day 56 in comparison with the control group. The Innovet team used this opportunity to demonstrate how XVET solutions will allow the Swine industry to grow in an environmental friendly condition.