Antibiotic Reduction in Iran Between 5th and 8th of May 2018, Mr. Burak Ruperez and Dr. Rahimian Shayan from XVETs Technical and Sales team traveled through Iran where they held seminars in Tabriz, Amol, Sari, Gorgan, and Isfahan. With a total audience of over 300 people, the main focus was on Antibiotic Reduction and how XVET products can play an important role. Under this concept the new website was introduced. A diverse audience of Farmers, Veterinaries and others in the industry, was as keen on learning more about how to make the transition to a healthier Animal Rearing with products like Aromax, Turbo Tox and more. XVETs team also had the opportunity to learn by exchanging ideas with the participants who are familiar with XVET products and proceeded to give an excellent feedback on how it’s helping them not only reducing the antibiotic usage but also on reaching performance goals.    In partnership with XVET local distributor, the travel in Iran was another successful step further on creating a better tomorrow.