Aromax, one of XVETs’ key products, was recently featured in International Pig Topics magazine. Under the subject “oils & flavors”, on page 19th of volume 33, the powder version of Aromax is introduced “Enhance animal performance and health”.   XVET is pleased to share its know-how in one of the most respected media groups in the industry contributing this time with an article about Phytogenics and its benefits.   You can now read the full article here: Quote Feed additives, under the right circumstances and together with the right feeding programs, can enhance animal performance and health by improving the main metabolic functions. Phytogenics include a wide range of phenolic compounds from plants or plant-derived products like essential oils. When applied correctly, they propose supporting activities against certain pathogens. Phytogenics have a positive effect on feed intake and, consequently, growth performance in pigs. They have antioxidant properties and help to enhance immune competency. Due to their regulating activity, intestinal integrity is also improved, preventing the risk of diarrhea. Respiratory disorders, which are a prevalent cause of disease and mortality, could be prevented by an adequate amount of specific phytogenics. Administering piglets with specific phytogenics in certain high-risk periods has become very important due to the positive impact on the development of intestinal channel, or protecting the lining of the respiratory mucosa. XVET GmbH supports swine health with a unique phytogenic product, Aromax Dry. It is specially designed to stimulate the appetite, improving feed consumption, feed conversion, and weight gain. Additionally, because of Broncho dilating components such as Eucalyptus, Aromax Dry helps to keep the respiratory system open, ensuring oxygen intake at all times. Unquote   In International Pig Topics, volume 33 number 1 page 19