In edition 34 number 1 (2019) of Pig Topics Magazine page 18, XVET shares its know-how on Natural Antibiotic Growth Promoters such as Aromax, the key product based on essential oils that is also a cost-effective formula that enhances the feed intake.

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“Due to the rising problems of antibiotic resistance, eco-friendly, non-antibiotic growth promoters (NAGP) have been developed and used successfully.

It is known that plant primary and secondary compounds may beneficially affect animal health and production. They can act as immunomodulators, antioxidants, digestive stimulants or promote directly or indirectly performance and quality of animal growth.

Essential oils (EO) are complex mixtures of mainly volatile and nonvolatile compounds as well. They possess different bioactivities due to their structure, contents or synergy between them. The major fraction of EO’ components are terpenoids and phenolics produced by different plant parts.

EO compositions among plant species may vary considerably and this plays an important role in the protection of the plant itself. Some of them develop a strong effect against bacteria in general, but due to their lipophilic characteristics, some show more activity over Gram-positive bacteria.

Aromax is a rich synergistic combination of three EO, with added L-menthol for a cost-effective formula. The respiratory system nursery piglets and fattening pigs is exposed to numerous challenges, throughout the whole production cycle. Aromax can help increase resistance to these challenges and offer relief under stress conditions as well. It helps against oxidative stress, as well as enhancing food intake and regulating digestion."