In edition 34 number 3 (2019) of Pig Topics Magazine page 19, XVET shares its prodcut Fertitab-S which helps to optimise follicular growth and support improvement of farrowing rate.

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 During lactation sows are delivering considerable amounts of trace elements to their litter through the milk. As many of these trace elements, such as iodine for example, play an essential role in fertility of sows, it is crucial to supply sows with highly bioavailable trace elements directly after weaning.

 Supplementation of trace elements through the feed can be difficult to realise in practice, as the period between farrowing and insemination is quite short and there may not be a special feed formulation for this period in every farm. Fertitab-S from XVET GmbH comes in tablet form, for direct administration to the animal.

 In this way, the supply of copper, manganese, zinc, iodine and selenium for sows with lower feed intake can also be ensured. For optimised absorption, only highly bioavailable sources of trace elements are used. Overall administration of FertitabS helps to optimise follicular growth, fast return to service after weaning, can contribute to lower foetal mortality and can support improvement of farrowing rate.