In the Poultry Production Magazine (edition 27 number 5 (2019), p. 21), XVET had the chance to share some knowledge and information on its product OregoPlus, which helps poultry to have higher performance.

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Continuous application of certain antibiotics in sub-therapeutic doses has been routinely used for growth promotion for many years and still the usage is not entirely banned in some regions. However, the trend is toward a more responsible approach and the development is promising. At this stage, understanding growth promotion is important, and choosing alternatives has to be discussed in depth. Taking into consideration sub-clinical inflammation, or protecting intestinal mucosa, opens the door for a profitable livestock production. Under this context, essential oils possess a great potential. There are numerous, beneficial active compounds in many plants, for example thymol and carvacrol in oregano or thyme. These compounds possess great antioxidant properties and also influence transient micro-organisms. Knowing and understanding their benefits along the digestive tract has made them become an increasingly important and accepted alternative strategy to enhance animal performance in general.

XVET OregoPlus counts with the synergy of oregano, thyme, tea tree and anise oil improving zoo-technical performance. This synergy provides a powerful antioxidant activity and stimulates digestion for better utilisation. OregoPlus helps to enhance appetite, stimulates digestive integrity and combats oxidative damage, helping to have high quality animals.