In the International Dairy Topics Magazine (volume 18 number 6 (2019), p. 23), XVET had the chance to share some knowledge and information on its product Turbo Gain, which benefits ruminal flora and has a positive effect on milk yield.

Feeding costs have been rising in livestock production. Proper feeding (improving feeding strategy and enhancing diet digestibility) brings economic benefits and improves rumen efficiency.

The rumen is the largest compartment of an adult ruminant and is adapted for the digestion of fiber. A stable rumen environment is an important factor for health and performance of every ruminant. Thus, a balanced diet with different dietary strategies will enhance beneficial bacteria, necessary for good animal performance and which play a modulatory role in the animal’s immune defences.

The use of certain ingredients, such as yeasts and acids, are beneficial for maximum rumen health and function. Yeasts will increase rumen metabolism. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the main yeast used in ruminant diets of which many strains have been developed.

XVET Germany has been supporting ruminant farming with Turbo Gain; the unique digestive integrity product supporting a healthy gut and safe feed.

Turbo Gain helps to promote beneficial ruminal flora, enhance rumen fermentation and maximize metabolizable energy. Additionally, Turbo Gain helps to reduce the mycotoxin effects and improves feed digestibility. It is beneficial for a healthy ruminal environment with positive effect on milk yield.