Antiox-Guard Pro

Feed Quality

Extend the freshness of your feed


Antiox-Guard Pro is a premix of citric acid and antioxidant, that act by avoiding and stopping the oxidation process of all raw materials, but especially ingredients that are easily oxidized like fats, oils, meals and vitamins. Citric acid sequesters the trace elements that catalyze the oxidation reaction and therefore helps to prevent even the start of the rancidity process. BHT and Citric acid inactivates the free radicals that are already formed and break in this way the chain reaction of the already started rancidity process.


  • Helps to maintain the quality of the feed
  • Decreases the risk of rancidity in feed, especially with high fat content
  • Helps to protect the vitamin premixes included in feed


10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Antiox-Guard Pro Packaging