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Aromax® is a rich synergic combination of essential oils from eucalyptus, thyme and peppermint. These oils are known to alleviate respiratory tract disturbances and to have appetizing, bioactive and insect repellent effects. Due to the essential oils inside the product, Aromax® would enhance the immunity and therefore, is a great support in severe vaccine reactions. Added L-Menthol has anti-pruritic, decongestant and cooling properties.


  • Relieves respiratory problems
  • Helps to decrease respiratory reactions after vaccinations
  • Gives extra comfort to livestock in cases of heat stress
  • Improves oxygen intake and helps to support thermoregulation
  • Enhances water and feed intake
  • Helps to improve weight gain and feed conversion ratio


250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 l bottle, 5 l and 25 l canister

Aromax® Packaging


We’ve indicated Aromax Liquid for small ruminants, to sheep in particular, suffering from pulmonary diseases with unknown etiology that caused high Mortality rates in lambs, with a dose rate 1 ml/head for 3-5 days. It shows that all treated animals were totally cured and all symptoms like respiratory distress, apnea, runny nose and anorexia were disappeared.

Yasir Anwer

I use many XVET items but the most effective one is Aromax especially when it used with NovoVital and Garvit pro in viral cases.

Harem Awdl

We, celebrate our client achievement of NFS certification of “Raised Without Antibiotics” is very appreciated and XVET product, Aromax Pro, is a surely solid useful supplement of which help farmers built up their mindset of unnecessary routine use of antibiotics.

Pathawit Ngamcharoen

Novovital + Aromax - To get the best results for the treatment of severe viral infections, We mixing 200 ml of Aromax & 1 liter of Novovital first and dilute them in 1000 liters of water for one day, the next day preferable to use 1kg Lactolyte , Sometimes we mixing ( Novovital + Aromax + Lactolyte) per 1000 liter from the first time to help the chicken to drink the water because Lactolyte gives chickens the energy to continuing drink the water and thus taking the right treatment.

Mohammed Aziz Tuma

Before layers enter parent stock I spray Aromax and afterwards I administer Aromax together with B complex, which is also very effective.

Dr. Afshin Irandoust DVM Production manager parent stock

I use Zincotin, Aromax, and organic Vitamin E + Selenium from day 7 – day 20 in broilers, 6 – 8 hours per day to reduce vaccination reactions with very good results. It has also very good effect on occurrence of coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis later on.

Dr. Faridors Sharifianjazi DVM poultry clinician, Isfahan

Aromax ‎works best when birds are faced with respiratory problems, helps remove symptoms. It also works quite well in hot weathers against heat stress, stimulates appetite and birds seems more energized. Birds which were programmed with Aromax can bounce back from sickness faster than birds which weren’t.

Richmond Uy

I use Aromax in drinking water or as spraying, which I find specially useful before and after vaccination, to recover from vaccination reaction, also before Antibiotic therapy and in cases of respiratory diseases in the flocks.

Dr. Payam Khoshkhoo DVM PhD -Poultry Diseases Specialist

I am a PhD researcher and field veterinarian distributing XVET products Aromax, Turbo Tox and Renal Cleaner. I use Aromax before and after antibiotic administration together with Vitamin AD3E for ensuring mucosa protection and repair. I recommed the use of Renal Cleaner both in layers and broilers, in infectious diseases specially in IB as protection from nefrotoxicity, before and after antibiotic administration in a single day application and as a preventive from urolithiasis.

Mohioddin Hemmaty DVM PhD
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