Bacflora® BR

Gut Health

The Synbiotic for a perfect gut


In the path of animal performance, gut health is a major key to success. Bacflora® BR is the smart mixture of an efficient probiotic with two prebiotics coming from yeast (S.cerevisiae) and chicory. Probiotic and prebiotics in Bacflora® BR help to improve the animals performance and have a direct effect against the unwanted micro-organisms in the gut. Also, organic acids and the salt of the acid in Bacflora® BR are enhancing digestion and antimicrobial effect, resulting in a better feed intake as well as a healthier gut.


  • Helps to improve the performance of the animals
  • Provides probiotics to maintain a good flora in the gut
  • A good alternative for growth promoters
  • It provides hepatic support


10 kg and 25 kg craft bag

Bacflora® BR Packaging


Near Tashkent there is a fish farm that breeds fish for sale (trout, carp, silver carp, sturgeon), they use Bacflora to prevent diseases since February, the so-called Carp disease (rubella), as well as Novovital to improve fertility and increase caviar both for cultivation and for sale.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Renal Cleaner is the savior because of good results with renal form of IB infection, renal alteration due to hyperproteinaemia, extensive use of antibiotics and some heavy bacterial infections. Aromax is good to reduce post-vaccination reactions and in comparison with competitor products has strong antibacterial properties and better price relation. We also use Bacflora and position it as a symbiotic, and antibiotics can be taken out.

Dr. Yasir Anwer

Bacflora F was used throughout the whole rearing and laying period of birds without use of Antibiotics using only other feed additives such as enzymes and water sanitizer. Peak production was about 92% while average production throughout laying period was about 75%. Birds were kept till 100 week of age.

Mr. Adekunle Ogunwomoju
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