Cal D Phos®

Strong Bones
Eggshell Quality

Legs & Eggs


Cal D Phos® supports an optimum Calcium and Phosphorus balance and provides as well Vitamin D3, necessary for the absorption, metabolism and mobilization of minerals. Deficiencies are avoided efficiently and quickly, maintaining health and performance. Cal D Phos® will also provide the benefit of lowering the pH of drinking water.


  • Supports skeletal integrity
  • Helps to reduce leg problems
  • Improves flock uniformity
  • Support of laying performance
  • Helps to prevent losses from cage fatigue, uterus prolapse and breast blisters
  • Quick solution to egg shell problems


250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l and 2 l bottle 5 l and 25 l canister

Cal D Phos® Packaging


We work with XVET for many years and we are glad to have German quality in the Iraqi market. We have a competitive product of Cal D Phos but we love the positive effect of Cal D Phos. We use Cal D Phos to increase egg production and also eggshell quality in our layer farms.

Mr. Mohammed Shaban

XVET’s Cal & Phos application by Dosatron pump achieved the success of increasing stable egg production. The used dosage of Cal & Phos was 1 ml per liter, and we administer the product between 3 to 5 days per month. The stability of the eggs was measured by enhancement on eggshell quality, cohesion internal components of the eggs, and egg content quality.

Dr. Mahmoud M. Amayreh

Cal D Phos helps our customers dealt with lameness in broilers, especially big male broilers, and returned satisfaction outcome which is cutting the lameness culling by half.

Pathawit Ngamcharoen

We are working with different products of XVET like Cal D Phos Care, Mineral Amino Care & Starter Grower Care, which are really high quality products. Performance of these products at customers front is very good. These products show good response in the following characteristics such as weight gain, Flock FCR of broiler, egg shell quality & hatchability of layer. We wish that our bonding in future will also be strong. Thanks to all the team members of XVET.

Biplab Kumar Sen Sr. Manager, Marketing

I use Ovostrong, Cal D Phos and Turbo Tox together in case of egg shell formation problems due to Newcastle disease or infectious bronchitis.

Dr. Safeed Soodavari, DVM poultry clinician

Fortunately we send you good datas of Cal D Phos on egg shell thickness. We will use as good promotion datas in Korea. We will promote this product sales with egg shell thickness datas almost 20%. Also we will keep in mind that Cal D Phos also helps to decrease mortality related with uterus prolapse in layers, and supports against breast blister problems, especially in heavy layers

Dr. Oh Woo-Hyun
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