E-Hydrolyte + C

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Heat Stress

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Vitamin C is a support to the immune system and acts as an antistress agent. Electrolytes are important to reduce the effects of heat stress during hot conditions, to increase heat resistance and to maintain optimal blood pH level as well as to reduces stress disorders due to transport, new housing, climatic changes and high production yields. In addition a quick source of energy that helps to avoid and recover the animal from dehydration. The energy sources contained in this formula such as maltodextrin and lactose provide a fast available source of energy that encourages absorption of not only water but also sodium at intestinal level. The balanced mixture of electrolytes on E-hydrolyte, provides a good blood buffer.


  • Vitamin C is a support to the immune system.
  • Provides a fast absorbing source of energy
  • Provides all electrolytes needed to avoid dehydration
  • Supports the blood pH balance
  • Replaces electrolytes loss caused by stress
  • Reduces the effects of the heat stress


1 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg aluminum bags 5 kg and 10 kg buckets

E-Hydrolyte + C Packaging