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Early Care

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Globiotic is the ideal start drink for newborn calves, as it supplies the immunoglobulins needed for the passive immunity. Once immunoglobulins enter the gut, they help to create a barrier against bacterial colonization or viral penetration. This protects the villi formation and digestion, preparing animals for growth and weight gain. With the help of vitamins, ß-Carotene, organic bound iron, selenium and Enterococcus faecium, a strong body-own immunity is ensured.


  • Protects intestinal mucosa against transient pathogens
  • Improves resistance and livability
  • Optimizes the absorption of nutrients, thus increasing weight gain
  • ß-Carotene supports the formation of an active immune system
  • Lactic-acid bacteria promote a healthy intestinal flora
  • Overall better performance from early stage until weaning


1 kg aluminum bags, 2.5 kg buckets, 10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Globiotic Packaging


One of the largest buyers of calves on the Lithuanian market has started using Globiotic for all calves as soon as they arrive in the common barns. By using the product in this way calves have less diarrhea, have better appetite and looks like more active.

Ms. Jovita Lionikiene

After an experiment at the farm, specialists started using Globiotic instead of the metaphylaxis antibiotic Paromomycin sulfate for calves and the results were better in animals with Globiotic.

Ms. Jovita Lionikiene
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