Metavolin Herbal®

Liver Support

Prepare for the long run


Metavolin Herbal® is a balanced formulation designed to support the liver for its perfect function. The combination of hepatic factors together with two botanical extracts offer high anti-oxidant effect and promotion of liver detoxification and helping to prevent fatty liver condition.


  • Improving liver metabolism
  • Helping liver on fat mobilization
  • Quick recovery from hepatic conditions
  • Long-term hepatic protection
  • Supports enhanced performance


250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l and 2 l bottle, 5 l and 25 l canister

Metavolin Herbal® Packaging


I am very thankful for the high quality of your products. Especially Metavolin Herbal in treatment liver disorders. My flock had IBH in broilers at day 31 with the high mortality (90 birds). After 24 hours the mortality reduced to 4 birds. I would like to thank XVET and XVET agent in my country, Syria.

Dr. yahia Alsumiaa

Nosotros como empresa hemos tenido muy buenos resultados con los productos que hemos importado de XVET, como son Salmo Guard, Starter Grower, Mould Guard, y Metavolin Herbal, estamos muy contentos con los productos. Los felicitamos por fabricar productos de calidad.

Pedro Vasquez
El Salvador
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