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Mould Guard Diamond is a less irritant product than the majority of powder anti-fungal products based on organic acids. It is a powerful antifungal agent with a rich composition of citrus seed extract and organic acids with salts. Its propionic acid content is of especial importance. The suitable carrier acts like an anti-caking agent, making the product easy to handle, easy to mix and easy to pelletize.


  • Citrus seed extract potentiates the activity of organic acids, allowing less inclusion
  • Propionic, formic, acetic and sorbic acids help to decrease toxin sources in the raw material
  • The acidifying effect decreases bacterial and fungal colonization
  • Aluminum silicate absorbs and traps toxins by inactivating them
  • Fast action with acids, slow release for long term effect


10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Mould Guard Diamond Packaging


Nosotros como empresa hemos tenido muy buenos resultados con los productos que hemos importado de XVET, como son Salmo Guard, Starter Grower, Mould Guard, y Metavolin Herbal, estamos muy contentos con los productos. Los felicitamos por fabricar productos de calidad.

Pedro Vasquez
El Salvador
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