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Novosol® is a combination of fatty acids and essential oils targeting intestinal mucosa. Fatty acids provide the benefits of organic acids without the dependency on pH for activity. They maintain the action through the entire intestinal tract, without being degraded or buffered. Together with the great antioxidant synergy from essential oils, Novosol® is a perfect tool for intensive production with increased pressure, especially in the peak or in the final period of fattening, laying or lactation.


  • Quick protection of digestive tract from the beginning
  • Decreased incidence of complications from opportunistic harmful factors
  • Promotion of a healthy intestinal mucosa, for supporting body own resistance and absorption of nutrients
  • Better FCR, weight gain, and liveability


1 l bottle 5 l and 25 l canister

Novosol® Packaging


Regarding benefits of Novosol based on our partners feedback, the main positive effects of Novosol in a broiler farm are higher final body weight and lower mortality.

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