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NovoVital is a combination of monoglycerides of fatty acids C4, C8, C10 and C12. Fatty acids can interfere with the envelope of some virus, cell membrane of bacteria and certain protozoa that are opportunistic in the gut, helping therefore to decrease attachment, colonization and multiplication of disease-causing agents. The promotion of a healthy gut flora results in better villi growth, with higher feed efficiency and growth


  • Quick protection of the digestive channel starting from the crop
  • Decreased incidence of complications from bacterial and viral diseases
  • Promotion of a healthy mucosa, increased digestion and absorption
  • Better performance and FCR, reduced mortality


1 l bottle 5 l and 25 l canister

NovoVital Packaging


After using XVET´s NovoVital we realized that only in one day the chickens look much better. The overall performance of the animals increase rapidly. Our hens have a better feed conversion ratio (FCR) and we see higher weight gain.

Dr. Rabeea

Near Tashkent there is a fish farm that breeds fish for sale (trout, carp, silver carp, sturgeon), they use Bacflora to prevent diseases since February, the so-called Carp disease (rubella), as well as Novovital to improve fertility and increase caviar both for cultivation and for sale.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

After using XVET products my pigeons do not get sick and look very healthy. I am looking forward to receive and use new products such as Novovital and Garvit Pro.

Ali Sarier

I use many XVET items but the most effective one is Aromax especially when it used with NovoVital and Garvit pro in viral cases.

Harem Awdl

Novovital + Aromax - To get the best results for the treatment of severe viral infections, We mixing 200 ml of Aromax & 1 liter of Novovital first and dilute them in 1000 liters of water for one day, the next day preferable to use 1kg Lactolyte , Sometimes we mixing ( Novovital + Aromax + Lactolyte) per 1000 liter from the first time to help the chicken to drink the water because Lactolyte gives chickens the energy to continuing drink the water and thus taking the right treatment.

Mohammed Aziz Tuma
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