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OregoPlus® is a rich combination of essential oils designed to support performance parameters, making an effective non-antibiotic growth enhancer. Rich combination of essential oils are cost effective due to low dosage. OregoPlus® is ideal to be used throughout as a growth enhancer, or during high risk periods, where it offers its powerful antioxidant activity.


  • Increased intake, performance parameters and growth
  • Better feed efficiency
  • Powerful anti-oxidant activity
  • Support in case of digestive disorders
  • Cost-effective, profitable solution to growth enhancement
  • Alternative or support to conventional treatments


250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l and 2 l bottles 5 l and 25 l canister

OregoPlus® Packaging


In our broiler farm, we use 100ml OregoPlus and 1kg Probiodrink per ton of water in order to boost our chick´s immune systems. OregoPlus and Probiodrink have excellent protection against infections, especially from Clostridium perfringens. We use the combination when the Necrotic Enteritis incidence is higher which is 2nd week till the end of the production.

Dr. Hameed

Application of OregoPlus for Pigeons, one drop per 200 ml of water, gave a good supportive result for diseases of Laryngotracheitis, viral bronchitis and Newcastle disease unvaccinated pigeons did not get sick although there was an epidemic in the area.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Pheasant farm where I used Bacflora, OregoPlus and Ovostrong for the prevention of invasive and infectious diseases as well as an increase in offspring (eggs). pheasants in this region lay eggs from April to May with the use of these XVET products, egg production has increased and the season has increased to the present day.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

We began using TurboTox, OregoPlus and TurboFluid in our newly arrived laying chickens. Now 120 days old and egg production is 4% more than usually, and the great thing is we didn’t used any antibiotics and chickens felt good for whole period . Thanks to your company.

Mukhammad Tursunov

This year, our company began distribution of XVET products in Uzbekistan. OregoPLus and Turbo Grow show excellent results in poultry farms. Most poultry farms are already included this products in poultry feeding ration permanently.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

OregoPlus when used in Broilers on a 10-day application starting from 20 days of age until 30 days of age has an excellent effect in preventing animals from sickness, particularly useful together with Vitamin C during heat stress situations.

Dr. Hayder Kadhim Al-Aqeeli, DVM

I use XVET product Orego Plus with important results in broilers as a growth enhancer or in case of complex disease to support health and faster recovery. Before I administered Orego Plus, animals were sick and no longer after its administration. Under high heat, XVET product Lactolyte Energy with AD3E protects for severe dehydration. A 3-5 days application of Cal D Phos with Tylosin at the beginning has good result against Rickettsia. Renal Cleaner has good result in cases of congestion and in IB it can be used simultaneously with Amoxicilin at low dosage.

Mohammed S. Mohammed

The luckiest thing is our life ever is to meet XVET, whose wonderful products like OregoPlus, Growmax, Renal Cleaner and etc. are performing splendidly for all our clients, most of them are chicken farmers. It is firmly believed that FCR, average weight, drinking have apparently increasing after using XVET. We are very happy with her superior quality and excellent service, and of course, always stick with her, a very reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Jeff Yang
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