Egg Performance

Good inside, tough outside


Ovostrong® is formulated to supply all needs to support laying hens, especially in high production periods, and in older ages after week 40. The combination of marine algae meal, phytase, essential amino acids, highly bioavailable minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, and finally coated butyric acid cover all requirements that are needed for the optimum egg laying performance. In Breeders this has a positive effect diminishing hidden eggshell cracks and supporting hatchability rates.


  • Marine algeal meal contains calcium and magnesium as well as trace elements in a high available form. This increases the eggshell quality
  • Butyric acid increases the villus proliferation in the small intestine. This ensures absorption
  • Provides minerals that take part in egg shell formation
  • High quality phytase eliminates phytic acid, releasing all available calcium and phosphorus from grains


10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Ovostrong® Packaging


Pheasant farm where I used Bacflora, OregoPlus and Ovostrong for the prevention of invasive and infectious diseases as well as an increase in offspring (eggs). pheasants in this region lay eggs from April to May with the use of these XVET products, egg production has increased and the season has increased to the present day.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Our layer farm clients used Ovostrong and observed better overall egg quality, improved egg shell quality (reduction of soft-shelled eggs, breakages, and reject eggs) especially to the older flock (60 weeks) just 3-4 weeks after using Ovostrong in the formulation.

Amiel Jerome Cayamanda

My customer started the use of Ovostrong due to the recommendation of its clients (commercial layers farmers) in Lima who are using the product with excellent results. They started buying 1 by 1 bag and now they are buying 100kg Ovostrong / month. They not only see benefits on egg performance but also in better quality in one day chicks.

Victor Davila
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