Gut Health
Early Care

Powerful start for your piglets


One of the most important factors that determines piglet livability and performance is the time that it takes them to start sucking after being born. Another factor is the quantity of colostrum that they receive in the first 24 hours. Pro-Start is a combination of high-dosed probiotic bacteria, vitamins, immunoglobulin-rich egg powder and plant based medium-chain fatty acids. They act together ensuring the piglets recover quickly from the stress of birth, moving faster towards the mother to start sucking colostrum and properly developing a balanced gut microbiome and intestinal mucosa.


  • Maximum intake of nutritional factors
  • Optimized weight gain
  • Proper development of the digestive tract
  • Better protection via passive immunity
  • Increased number of live piglets at weaning


250 ml and 500 ml in special pumping application bottles (1 pump per each 6 bottles)

Pro-Start Packaging