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Probiodrink is a formula that supports the first stages of chicks life giving them a “boost” to battle stress conditions such as hatching and transportation. This mixture contains an efficient probiotic (Bacillus velezensis) to support the digestion of chickens as well as a source of energy and electrolytes. Probiodrink can provide all the requirements that chicks need from day 1 until the end of the production life, helping to improve health as well as performance when used at the recommended dosage.


  • Helps to improve the performance of the animals
  • Provides a probiotic to establish a balanced microbiome in the gut
  • A quick and well available source of energy
  • Provides electrolytes to rehydrate chicks


100 gr sachets and 1 kg alu bags 10 kg and 25 kg Craft bags

Probiodrink Packaging


We saw a particularly good effect in turkey farms: Turkeys are birds with very weak immunity in the first days of life – after the administration of the combination of Turbo Fluid and Probiodrink, it reduced the mortality considerably by 80%.

Dr. Maxim Godniuc

After the application of turbo fluid in the practice of rearing poultry in the Republic of Moldova, a large impact on mortality was observed on poultry, which decreased considerably in the first days of life. A successful combination that created confidence among buyers was the administration of Turbo Fluid in combination with Probiodrink: in combination, they reduced the mortality percentage after transporting day-old chicks to people’s households in the village, where we find high pathogen pressure (mainly bacteria and coccidia).

Dr. Maxim Godniuc
Republic of Moldova

We are happy to use XVET´s products in poultry farms in Iraq. We see that administrating Renal Cleaner and Probiodrink together has wonderful results during the Infectious Bronchitis times.

Dr. Hameed

In our broiler farm, we use 100ml OregoPlus and 1kg Probiodrink per ton of water in order to boost our chick´s immune systems. OregoPlus and Probiodrink have excellent protection against infections, especially from Clostridium perfringens. We use the combination when the Necrotic Enteritis incidence is higher which is 2nd week till the end of the production.

Dr. Hameed
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