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Renal Cleaner is especially designed to help animals cope with negative consequences of renal disorders. Use Renal Cleaner as a preventive solution in case of high protein diets, at first symptoms of renal problems in livestock such as high risk of mycotoxin contamination of feedstuffs or after repetitive use of antibiotics and other kidney-damaging medications. Renal Cleaner is a nutraceutical support that can be used in cases of conditions related with disease causing agents that may affect kidney functions.


  • Quick and specific problem solver
  • Replenishes energy and electrolytes
  • Support of kidney activities
  • Cost-efficient solution


250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l and 2 l bottles 5 l and 25 l canister

Renal Cleaner Packaging


We are happy to use XVET´s products in poultry farms in Iraq. We see that administrating Renal Cleaner and Probiodrink together has wonderful results during the Infectious Bronchitis times.

Dr. Hameed

At our broiler farm in Iraq, we are applying Renal Cleaner with a dosage of 1l per 1,000 L & Yuccamax NH with a dosage of 1L per 1,000L after the application of antibiotics. XVET products work very efficiently. After the application of both products for one or maximum two days, we can see a very positive result for digestibility and chicken growth rate.

Dr. Rabeea

Our customers have used Renal Cleaner and Garvit Pro in Broilers after using antibiotic or in case of kidney failure. The kidney reduced swelling after 3-4 days using and the amount of feed intake is increase.

Nguyen Tien Dung

Every time I use antibiotics in Broilers, I make after a 2-day application of Lactolyte Energy and Renal Cleaner with very good result, to support gut flora and prevent secondary effects as dehydration and kidney problems.

Dr. Seerwan Hasan Abdulrahman, DVM

I use GarVit-Pro as a garlic extract usually for stimulating growth phase in broilers in combination with multivitamin + amino-acids and in some of broiler with breathing problems I combine it with some bronchodilator such as XVET product Aromax. As you know poultry viral infection such as IB haven’t special medication or effective treatment so we use a useful strategy and I have seen unbelievable effects against IB at 48 hours by applying next control program after IB is diagnosed in early stage for poultry of any age: Air spray with Aromax in 150-200 ml per 20 l spray with desinfectant 2-3 times a day raising 2 degree room temperature for 2-3 days, together with oral treatment with GarVit-Pro at 0,5 l/ton of water + diuretic product such as XVET Renal Cleaner without any antibiotics. As I experienced it effected very well and it can be control of mortality and morbidity of IB diseases in broilers. So I’m hopeful my experience will be a new natural route to treat poultry diseases and help us reduce the use of chemical medication in food animals for a more healthy planet.

Mohammed S. Mohammed

I use XVET product Orego Plus with important results in broilers as a growth enhancer or in case of complex disease to support health and faster recovery. Before I administered Orego Plus, animals were sick and no longer after its administration. Under high heat, XVET product Lactolyte Energy with AD3E protects for severe dehydration. A 3-5 days application of Cal D Phos with Tylosin at the beginning has good result against Rickettsia. Renal Cleaner has good result in cases of congestion and in IB it can be used simultaneously with Amoxicilin at low dosage.

Mohammed S. Mohammed

I am a PhD researcher and field veterinarian distributing XVET products Aromax, Turbo Tox and Renal Cleaner. I use Aromax before and after antibiotic administration together with Vitamin AD3E for ensuring mucosa protection and repair. I recommed the use of Renal Cleaner both in layers and broilers, in infectious diseases specially in IB as protection from nefrotoxicity, before and after antibiotic administration in a single day application and as a preventive from urolithiasis.

Mohioddin Hemmaty DVM PhD

The luckiest thing is our life ever is to meet XVET, whose wonderful products like OregoPlus, Growmax, Renal Cleaner and etc. are performing splendidly for all our clients, most of them are chicken farmers. It is firmly believed that FCR, average weight, drinking have apparently increasing after using XVET. We are very happy with her superior quality and excellent service, and of course, always stick with her, a very reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Jeff Yang
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