TanniFit Plus

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Gut Health
Early Care

Make your little ones fit again


TanniFit Plus is a dietary complementary feed with botanical ingredients in order to stabilize water and electrolyte balance to support a physiological digestion in the early life of suckling piglets, lambs and goat kids. The tannin-rich formula has astringent and anti-inflammatory effects on the gut mucosa. Essential oils of Thyme and Oregano are well-known for their antimicrobial effects on Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, anti-fungal effects, as well as their potential to reduce oxidative stress. The combination of these botanical ingredients might stimulate the appetite during suckling phase.


  • Quick regulation of intestinal disturbances
  • A protected digestive tract
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects
  • Reduction of pathogen pressure
  • Quickly and easily applicable with a doser


250 ml and 500 ml bottles with special pump applicator available (per 6 bottles an applicator is supplied)

TanniFit Plus Packaging