Feed Quality

When absorption safeguards your animals


Animal feed generally contains many different microorganism. Toxi-Guard is enriched by processed Diatomaceous earth (DE) with high capacity of absorption. This characteristic may support dissolving mycotoxins in a network structured formed (absorption) by help of humidity. DE is very light with high porosity and high potential of water absorption. The Toxi-Guard DE has high surface area which help the product for the utmost effectivity.


  • Binding effect
  • Improving feed quality
  • Protecting animal in feed hygiene stress situation
  • Improving animal performance


25 kg and 10 kg craft bag

Toxi-Guard Packaging


We have used Toxi Guard for Korean market for years. Recently we made a contract with the biggest dairy company in Korea for Toxi Guard. They are satisfied with the quality and price. I expect that the quantity will be increased a lot in the near future.

Dennis An
South Korea
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