Turbo Fluid

Vitamin/Mineral/Amino Acids
Heat Stress

All-in-one formula


Turbo Fluid is a vitamin, amino acid rich composition designed to promote resistance to infections and provide health, growth and fertility. Livestock treated with Turbo Fluid are less sensitive to stress (e.g. due to heat or overcrowded housing) and the appetite remains unaffected, keeping up the production parameters.


  • Prevention of nutritional deficiencies and of their consequences
  • Provides necessary elements for cell formation and metabolism
  • Helps to maintain production parameters, appetite and growth in case of diseases
  • Replaces losses caused by stress factors


250 ml, 500 ml 1 l and 2 l bottles 5 l and 25 l canister

Turbo Fluid Packaging


Turbo Fluid is a wonderful product and the birds are now fully active. I have been breeding goldfinches for 10 years. The remedy has just brought them a lot, especially just in the moult and especially after the treatment of diseases. They have become very lively especially during transport, this means Turbo Fluid is wonderful in stressful situations

Mr. Rawan

We saw a particularly good effect in turkey farms: Turkeys are birds with very weak immunity in the first days of life – after the administration of the combination of Turbo Fluid and Probiodrink, it reduced the mortality considerably by 80%.

Dr. Maxim Godniuc

After the application of turbo fluid in the practice of rearing poultry in the Republic of Moldova, a large impact on mortality was observed on poultry, which decreased considerably in the first days of life. A successful combination that created confidence among buyers was the administration of Turbo Fluid in combination with Probiodrink: in combination, they reduced the mortality percentage after transporting day-old chicks to people’s households in the village, where we find high pathogen pressure (mainly bacteria and coccidia).

Dr. Maxim Godniuc
Republic of Moldova

I have used Turbo Fluid with my singing birds and I am very satisified with it. Without a joke, I have never used such a vitamin product, which gave me so incredibly fast and perfect results. I can recommend this product to all my breeding colleagues in the Netherlands, in order to have the same perfect results. I also thank the team of XVET for the great help and support, you are great, Team XVET, thanks for your support.

Mohammad Saloukha

We began using TurboTox, OregoPlus and TurboFluid in our newly arrived laying chickens. Now 120 days old and egg production is 4% more than usually, and the great thing is we didn’t used any antibiotics and chickens felt good for whole period . Thanks to your company.

Mukhammad Tursunov

This year, our company began distribution of XVET products in Uzbekistan. OregoPLus and Turbo Grow show excellent results in poultry farms. Most poultry farms are already included this products in poultry feeding ration permanently.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

I only use Turbo Fluid as a supplement in my camels 15 days before the races at a dose rate of 50 ml/head […] the camel looks very much prepared and looks healthier more than usual, and it doesn´t get tired easily and becomes faster.

Mohammed Zain, camel breeder

We use Lactolyte Energy in severe diarrhea in sheep at 10 g/animal for 2 days . In calves to treat diarrhea associated with weaning 150 g/2 l water distributed in two days. We use it also in canels 40 g/head for 2 days. In Sudan Turbo Fluid is used mostly in breeders, and in comparison with other Multivitamin products results are clear.

Dr. Elwasiela Elawad

For Turbo Fluid, although competitors are 50-60% of price, all customers who started with Turbo Fluid don’t go back to cheap products. In layers it improves eggshell quality and in broilers no need to use AD3E during use of Turbo Fluid. We use Cal D Phos in Cobb500 broilers in day 10 to day 20 to solve leg problems and in breeder, for late production to solve eggshell problems.

Dr. Usama Khaled

I am using Turbo Fluid for my bees because it has value ingredients like lysine, threonine, triptofanin, and threonine. These amino acids are very usefull for bees when there is no pollen.

Nikos Kriaras
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