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Turbo Grow is a synergic formulation aimed at the improvement of gut health, performance and growth for all animal species. The new era of eliminating antibiotic growth promoters relies on smart formulas such as Turbo Grow which address multiple problems in a cost-efficient way. Turbo Grow further contains the most efficient Bentonite against Aflatoxin (mycotoxins produced by two species of Aspergillus, a fungus found especially in areas with hot and humid climate). As an integral approach, Turbo Grow is the perfect choice for a non-antibiotic growth enhancer.

*Formerly known as Turbo Tox, the global name of the product has been changed to Turbo Grow


  • “Non-antibiotic” growth promoter
  • Improved feed performance
  • Improves weight gain, egg and meat yield
  • Triggers intestinal nonspecific immune modulation
  • Feed preservative against moulds, bacteria, vectors and mycotoxins
  • Better litter quality
  • Unique product without any carrier in it


10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Turbo Grow Packaging


We began using TurboTox, OregoPlus and TurboFluid in our newly arrived laying chickens. Now 120 days old and egg production is 4% more than usually, and the great thing is we didn’t used any antibiotics and chickens felt good for whole period . Thanks to your company.

Mukhammad Tursunov

This year, our company began distribution of XVET products in Uzbekistan. OregoPLus and Turbo Grow show excellent results in poultry farms. Most poultry farms are already included this products in poultry feeding ration permanently.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

I am a PhD researcher and field veterinarian distributing XVET products Aromax, Turbo Tox and Renal Cleaner. I use Aromax before and after antibiotic administration together with Vitamin AD3E for ensuring mucosa protection and repair. I recommed the use of Renal Cleaner both in layers and broilers, in infectious diseases specially in IB as protection from nefrotoxicity, before and after antibiotic administration in a single day application and as a preventive from urolithiasis.

Mohioddin Hemmaty DVM PhD
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