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Zincotin® contains organic Zinc, which offers many advantages in comparison with inorganic zinc, due to its high bioavailability. Zincotin® is a useful tool to decrease skin and fertility disorders. This activity, besides decrease organic Zinc, is supported by Biotin and Calcium pantothenate, important for proper cell growth and metabolism.


  • Optimized body own resistance
  • Improved fertility and hatchability
  • Better immunity
  • Enhanced skin, bone, feather and hoof condition
  • Healthy appetite
  • Protection against oxidative stress


250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l and 2 l bottles 5 l and 25 l canisters

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Zincotin was administered in one of the big broiler farms (1,2M broilers per year) in Portugal. Zincotin was given in the first 3 days of the chick (2-5 days of age) before the usual Antibiotic treatment with Enrofloxacin. Afterwards, the Zincotin usage was repeated at the age of (12-15 day) of age. Weight of the broilers in day 24, 36 and 42 were investigated. The Zincotin group had more than 100 gr average weight in comparison with the control group (from the same origin, entering the farm the same day). Ii is concluded that Zincotin give a positive boost to the group of chiks, gaining more weight (that is enough to pay for the investment) as well as more uniform group of animals compared with the control group.

Tiago Salvado

Zincotin administration increased the hatchability rate in one house (Broiler Breeder) of the integration, North of Iran. Zincotin was administered from week 10 to the end of the cycle (week 64). In this house, higher (1.6%) hatchability rate was achieved in comparison with ROSS 308 standard guideline. This house (Zincotin administered) gained higher (0.31%) hatchability rate in comparison with another similar house of the integration (No Zincotin). As this house had 15.000 birds, using Zincotin lead to 4650 more one day old chicken which is showing the positive and cost effective effect of Zincotin administration in Broiler Breeder Farms. In general, we are very happy with the Zincotin administration.

Meysam Tavakkoli

I use Zincotin, Aromax, and organic Vitamin E + Selenium from day 7 – day 20 in broilers, 6 – 8 hours per day to reduce vaccination reactions with very good results. It has also very good effect on occurrence of coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis later on.

Dr. Faridors Sharifianjazi DVM poultry clinician, Isfahan
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