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Liver related challenges

Health Challenges

Liver Support
Enhanced performance through protection of the liver
  • Pure lecithin for optimum digestion of fats
  • Supports hepatic health, lactation and backfat in sows
  • Better performance and weight gain in fattening pigs
1 kg alu bags
10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Metavolin Herbal
  • Powerful phenolic activity from selected botanicals
  • Fast, reliable alternative for hepatic problems
250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l and 2 l bottle,
5 l and 25 l canister

Metavolin Herbal Dry
  • Botanical liver protector with hepatic factors
  • Optimized fat metabolism and easier digestion
  • Promotes feed efficiency, growth and performance
1 kg alu bags
10 kg and 25 kg craft bags

Farm Challenges

The solution for a productive and healthy lactation
Safe Lactation
  • Yeast, mineral, vitamin and protein rich solution
  • Protection against risk of ketosis
  • Supports performance and fertility
10 kg and 25 kg craft bags