After using XVET´s NovoVital we realized that only in one day the chickens look much better. The overall performance of the animals increase rapidly. Our hens have a better feed conversion ratio (FCR) and we see higher weight gain.

Dr. Rabeea

We’ve indicated Aromax Liquid for small ruminants, to sheep in particular, suffering from pulmonary diseases with unknown etiology that caused high Mortality rates in lambs, with a dose rate 1 ml/head for 3-5 days. It shows that all treated animals were totally cured and all symptoms like respiratory distress, apnea, runny nose and anorexia were disappeared.

Yasir Anwer

After a long term usage during last year in layer pullet farms and in layer farms, free-range type, we observed improvement in the growth rate, higher egg mass and profound improvement in health problems like subclinical coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis. The dosage we used was 1 ml/per L of drinking water for a week, once every month.

Vasileios Kompoulis

XVET’s Cal & Phos application by Dosatron pump achieved the success of increasing stable egg production. The used dosage of Cal & Phos was 1 ml per liter, and we administer the product between 3 to 5 days per month. The stability of the eggs was measured by enhancement on eggshell quality, cohesion internal components of the eggs, and egg content quality.

Dr. Mahmoud M. Amayreh

Application of OregoPlus for Pigeons, one drop per 200 ml of water, gave a good supportive result for diseases of Laryngotracheitis, viral bronchitis and Newcastle disease unvaccinated pigeons did not get sick although there was an epidemic in the area.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Near Tashkent there is a fish farm that breeds fish for sale (trout, carp, silver carp, sturgeon), they use Bacflora to prevent diseases since February, the so-called Carp disease (rubella), as well as Novovital to improve fertility and increase caviar both for cultivation and for sale.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Pheasant farm where I used Bacflora, OregoPlus and Ovostrong for the prevention of invasive and infectious diseases as well as an increase in offspring (eggs). pheasants in this region lay eggs from April to May with the use of these XVET products, egg production has increased and the season has increased to the present day.

Mr. Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Cal D Phos helps our customers dealt with lameness in broilers, especially big male broilers, and returned satisfaction outcome which is cutting the lameness culling by half.

Pathawit Ngamcharoen

Zincotin was administered in one of the big broiler farms (1,2M broilers per year) in Portugal. Zincotin was given in the first 3 days of the chick (2-5 days of age) before the usual Antibiotic treatment with Enrofloxacin. Afterwards, the Zincotin usage was repeated at the age of (12-15 day) of age. Weight of the broilers in day 24, 36 and 42 were investigated. The Zincotin group had more than 100 gr average weight in comparison with the control group (from the same origin, entering the farm the same day). Ii is concluded that Zincotin give a positive boost to the group of chiks, gaining more weight (that is enough to pay for the investment) as well as more uniform group of animals compared with the control group.

Tiago Salvado

VitalBee shows great results especially in egg production in Honey Bees. Great results in 7 days.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

We began using TurboTox, OregoPlus and TurboFluid in our newly arrived laying chickens. Now 120 days old and egg production is 4% more than usually, and the great thing is we didn’t used any antibiotics and chickens felt good for whole period . Thanks to your company.

Mukhammad Tursunov

Vital Bee application for Honey Bee production is very satisfactory in different farms. Productivity increased at least 30-40%.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

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