After using XVET products my pigeons do not get sick and look very healthy. I am looking forward to receive and use new products such as Novovital and Garvit Pro.

Ali Sarier

Zincotin administration increased the hatchability rate in one house (Broiler Breeder) of the integration, North of Iran. Zincotin was administered from week 10 to the end of the cycle (week 64). In this house, higher (1.6%) hatchability rate was achieved in comparison with ROSS 308 standard guideline. This house (Zincotin administered) gained higher (0.31%) hatchability rate in comparison with another similar house of the integration (No Zincotin). As this house had 15.000 birds, using Zincotin lead to 4650 more one day old chicken which is showing the positive and cost effective effect of Zincotin administration in Broiler Breeder Farms. In general, we are very happy with the Zincotin administration.

Meysam Tavakkoli

I am very thankful for the high quality of your products. Especially Metavolin Herbal in treatment liver disorders. My flock had IBH in broilers at day 31 with the high mortality (90 birds). After 24 hours the mortality reduced to 4 birds. I would like to thank XVET and XVET agent in my country, Syria.

Dr. yahia Alsumiaa

We are dealing with innovative company and outstanding solutions from XVET.

Dr. Amged Karrar
Saudi Arabia

Very good innovative products

Dr. Mohamed Wahdan

This year, our company began distribution of XVET products in Uzbekistan. OregoPLus and Turbo Grow show excellent results in poultry farms. Most poultry farms are already included this products in poultry feeding ration permanently.

Fazliddin Mukhamadiev

Regarding benefits of Novosol based on our partners feedback, the main positive effects of Novosol in a broiler farm are higher final body weight and lower mortality.

Tamás Csonka

Our customers have used Renal Cleaner and Garvit Pro in Broilers after using antibiotic or in case of kidney failure. The kidney reduced swelling after 3-4 days using and the amount of feed intake is increase.

Nguyen Tien Dung

We have used 42 degrees product in our poultry farm and the results are satisfactory.

Mohan Krishna

We have used Toxi Guard for Korean market for years. Recently we made a contract with the biggest dairy company in Korea for Toxi Guard. They are satisfied with the quality and price. I expect that the quantity will be increased a lot in the near future.

Dennis An
South Korea

I use many XVET items but the most effective one is Aromax especially when it used with NovoVital and Garvit pro in viral cases.

Harem Awdl

Our layer farm clients used Ovostrong and observed better overall egg quality, improved egg shell quality (reduction of soft-shelled eggs, breakages, and reject eggs) especially to the older flock (60 weeks) just 3-4 weeks after using Ovostrong in the formulation.

Amiel Jerome Cayamanda

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