We, celebrate our client achievement of NFS certification of “Raised Without Antibiotics” is very appreciated and XVET product, Aromax Pro, is a surely solid useful supplement of which help farmers built up their mindset of unnecessary routine use of antibiotics.

Pathawit Ngamcharoen

Novovital + Aromax - To get the best results for the treatment of severe viral infections, We mixing 200 ml of Aromax & 1 liter of Novovital first and dilute them in 1000 liters of water for one day, the next day preferable to use 1kg Lactolyte , Sometimes we mixing ( Novovital + Aromax + Lactolyte) per 1000 liter from the first time to help the chicken to drink the water because Lactolyte gives chickens the energy to continuing drink the water and thus taking the right treatment.

Mohammed Aziz Tuma

I only use Turbo Fluid as a supplement in my camels 15 days before the races at a dose rate of 50 ml/head […] the camel looks very much prepared and looks healthier more than usual, and it doesn´t get tired easily and becomes faster.

Mohammed Zain, camel breeder

We are working with different products of XVET like Cal D Phos Care, Mineral Amino Care & Starter Grower Care, which are really high quality products. Performance of these products at customers front is very good. These products show good response in the following characteristics such as weight gain, Flock FCR of broiler, egg shell quality & hatchability of layer. We wish that our bonding in future will also be strong. Thanks to all the team members of XVET.

Biplab Kumar Sen Sr. Manager, Marketing

Before layers enter parent stock I spray Aromax and afterwards I administer Aromax together with B complex, which is also very effective.

Dr. Afshin Irandoust DVM Production manager parent stock

I use Ovostrong, Cal D Phos and Turbo Tox together in case of egg shell formation problems due to Newcastle disease or infectious bronchitis.

Dr. Safeed Soodavari, DVM poultry clinician

XVET is best company and I feel happy to use product of this great company. My birds feel safe with you, XVET. Thanks from me and my birds to you and all your team!

Ameer Hamza Chaudhary

XVET products are very good and excelling in our poultry farms ( broiler and layer ). It’s feed additives and non antibiotics compound as we know the world most try to use prebiotics and probiotics instead of antibiotics and their problems …thanks a lot for your great company .

Dr. Haidar Saleh, DVM

OregoPlus when used in Broilers on a 10-day application starting from 20 days of age until 30 days of age has an excellent effect in preventing animals from sickness, particularly useful together with Vitamin C during heat stress situations.

Dr. Hayder Kadhim Al-Aqeeli, DVM

Every time I use antibiotics in Broilers, I make after a 2-day application of Lactolyte Energy and Renal Cleaner with very good result, to support gut flora and prevent secondary effects as dehydration and kidney problems.

Dr. Seerwan Hasan Abdulrahman, DVM

I use Zincotin, Aromax, and organic Vitamin E + Selenium from day 7 – day 20 in broilers, 6 – 8 hours per day to reduce vaccination reactions with very good results. It has also very good effect on occurrence of coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis later on.

Dr. Faridors Sharifianjazi DVM poultry clinician, Isfahan

Aromax ‎works best when birds are faced with respiratory problems, helps remove symptoms. It also works quite well in hot weathers against heat stress, stimulates appetite and birds seems more energized. Birds which were programmed with Aromax can bounce back from sickness faster than birds which weren’t.

Richmond Uy

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