I use GarVit-Pro as a garlic extract usually for stimulating growth phase in broilers in combination with multivitamin + amino-acids and in some of broiler with breathing problems I combine it with some bronchodilator such as XVET product Aromax. As you know poultry viral infection such as IB haven’t special medication or effective treatment so we use a useful strategy and I have seen unbelievable effects against IB at 48 hours by applying next control program after IB is diagnosed in early stage for poultry of any age: Air spray with Aromax in 150-200 ml per 20 l spray with desinfectant 2-3 times a day raising 2 degree room temperature for 2-3 days, together with oral treatment with GarVit-Pro at 0,5 l/ton of water + diuretic product such as XVET Renal Cleaner without any antibiotics. As I experienced it effected very well and it can be control of mortality and morbidity of IB diseases in broilers. So I’m hopeful my experience will be a new natural route to treat poultry diseases and help us reduce the use of chemical medication in food animals for a more healthy planet.

Mohammed S. Mohammed

Renal Cleaner is the savior because of good results with renal form of IB infection, renal alteration due to hyperproteinaemia, extensive use of antibiotics and some heavy bacterial infections. Aromax is good to reduce post-vaccination reactions and in comparison with competitor products has strong antibacterial properties and better price relation. We also use Bacflora and position it as a symbiotic, and antibiotics can be taken out.

Dr. Yasir Anwer

We use Lactolyte Energy in severe diarrhea in sheep at 10 g/animal for 2 days . In calves to treat diarrhea associated with weaning 150 g/2 l water distributed in two days. We use it also in canels 40 g/head for 2 days. In Sudan Turbo Fluid is used mostly in breeders, and in comparison with other Multivitamin products results are clear.

Dr. Elwasiela Elawad

For Turbo Fluid, although competitors are 50-60% of price, all customers who started with Turbo Fluid don’t go back to cheap products. In layers it improves eggshell quality and in broilers no need to use AD3E during use of Turbo Fluid. We use Cal D Phos in Cobb500 broilers in day 10 to day 20 to solve leg problems and in breeder, for late production to solve eggshell problems.

Dr. Usama Khaled

I use XVET product Orego Plus with important results in broilers as a growth enhancer or in case of complex disease to support health and faster recovery. Before I administered Orego Plus, animals were sick and no longer after its administration. Under high heat, XVET product Lactolyte Energy with AD3E protects for severe dehydration. A 3-5 days application of Cal D Phos with Tylosin at the beginning has good result against Rickettsia. Renal Cleaner has good result in cases of congestion and in IB it can be used simultaneously with Amoxicilin at low dosage.

Mohammed S. Mohammed

Bacflora F was used throughout the whole rearing and laying period of birds without use of Antibiotics using only other feed additives such as enzymes and water sanitizer. Peak production was about 92% while average production throughout laying period was about 75%. Birds were kept till 100 week of age.

Mr. Adekunle Ogunwomoju

Fortunately we send you good datas of Cal D Phos on egg shell thickness. We will use as good promotion datas in Korea. We will promote this product sales with egg shell thickness datas almost 20%. Also we will keep in mind that Cal D Phos also helps to decrease mortality related with uterus prolapse in layers, and supports against breast blister problems, especially in heavy layers

Dr. Oh Woo-Hyun

We are very much satisfied for your prompt feedback and fantastic cooperation. Allover we are satisfied for your much cordial business mentality. We pray for XVET for their unlimited success. Thank you all

Dr. Liton

I’m quite satisfied with professional way of doing business of XVET GmbH, Germany

Thao Chu

I used Mentobronchin in viral problems found excellent feed back. Mentobronchin is a excellent products and i stopped other products which used for the remedy of such respiratory and viral issue.

Farooq Azam

I am happy with the technical know how of the team and timely response. Its really a wonderful experience to work with XVET.

Muhammad Asad Farooq

I use Aromax in drinking water or as spraying, which I find specially useful before and after vaccination, to recover from vaccination reaction, also before Antibiotic therapy and in cases of respiratory diseases in the flocks.

Dr. Payam Khoshkhoo DVM PhD -Poultry Diseases Specialist

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