I am a PhD researcher and field veterinarian distributing XVET products Aromax, Turbo Tox and Renal Cleaner. I use Aromax before and after antibiotic administration together with Vitamin AD3E for ensuring mucosa protection and repair. I recommed the use of Renal Cleaner both in layers and broilers, in infectious diseases specially in IB as protection from nefrotoxicity, before and after antibiotic administration in a single day application and as a preventive from urolithiasis.

Mohioddin Hemmaty DVM PhD

I wanted to thank all the team for this XVET clear customer focus with exceptional coaching and know-how of very high level. My interlocutor, in my opinion is exemplary behavior and the whole team with a cultural openness and easy exchanges and courteous. For more than 25 years and after working in various multinational companies, I am sure that the success of XVET today and tomorrow will emanate from the strength of this very professional team oriented customers and his dynamic vision in a world that perpetually changes in addition to the quality of its products and services. In all cases a big thank you on my behalf to XVET team.

Elyes Allagui

My customer started the use of Ovostrong due to the recommendation of its clients (commercial layers farmers) in Lima who are using the product with excellent results. They started buying 1 by 1 bag and now they are buying 100kg Ovostrong / month. They not only see benefits on egg performance but also in better quality in one day chicks.

Victor Davila

We cooperate with XVET Germany since 2013 based on Probiomax product. I’m very glad I have opportunity cooperate with professional company which have product with high quality and good feedback from market. Customers perceive product as a good source bacterial support intestinal flora and improve production data

Dorota Gizuelwska

In the short time we have been doing business with XVET, the co-operation and good service from XVET has been beneficial to our company and we hope to continue and hopefully grow the business.

Gail Savage
South Africa

The luckiest thing is our life ever is to meet XVET, whose wonderful products like OregoPlus, Growmax, Renal Cleaner and etc. are performing splendidly for all our clients, most of them are chicken farmers. It is firmly believed that FCR, average weight, drinking have apparently increasing after using XVET. We are very happy with her superior quality and excellent service, and of course, always stick with her, a very reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Jeff Yang

2008 was a special year for me and an important event when I met with XVET team in Euro tier exhibition in Hanover, and we started working in 2009 and we still continue the success together in Iraq despite all non-normal circumstances in our country. Now XVET is one of the leading companies in Iraq and more than 10 products registered in Iraq. I hope further progress for XVET company, and always be in the first rows in the world.

Mohamed Shaban

Ich habe eine Handler Firma im Ungarn, seit 15 Jahre arbeite ich mit dem Medikamenten und mit dem Erganzungsfuttermittel. Im Hannover auf der Messe habe ich mit dem XVET getroffen. Ich habe sehr guten Eindruck über XVET bekommen. Wir haben sehr schön über alle Produkten gesprochen. Wir haben am Anfang an 3 Produkte ausgewahlt, und damit bin ich gestartet. Es dauert ungefahr 1 Jahre lang.

Zoltán Hadobás

I am using Turbo Fluid for my bees because it has value ingredients like lysine, threonine, triptofanin, and threonine. These amino acids are very usefull for bees when there is no pollen.

Nikos Kriaras

Nosotros como empresa hemos tenido muy buenos resultados con los productos que hemos importado de XVET, como son Salmo Guard, Starter Grower, Mould Guard, y Metavolin Herbal, estamos muy contentos con los productos. Los felicitamos por fabricar productos de calidad.

Pedro Vasquez
El Salvador

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